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      Do you want to know about NIN and what to do to get your line registered? Please read through the FAQs on the National Identification Number (NIN).

       Question: What is NIN?

      Answer: The National Identification Number (NIN) is the unique number which identifies you as a Nigerian and is issued to you upon enrollment by NIMC. It is used to match you with your biometric data and other details in the National Identity Database during verification and authentication.

       Question: What is NIMC?

      Answer: NIMC is the national agency responsible for operating and regulating matters of national identity in Nigeria with services covering National Identification Number (NIN) enrolment and issuance, National e-ID card issuance, identity verification as well as data harmonization and authentication.

      Question: How do I register for NIN?

      Answer: You can register in any NIMC Enrollment centers close to you. Kindly visit for a list of all enrollment centers nationwide.

       Question: How do I confirm my NIN number?

      Answer:. You can check your NIN Slip, it has your 11 Digit Number at the top left corner, on the second row. You can also dial *346# and press 1, please note that a charge of N20 is applicable upon dialing the USSD code.

       Question: Can I do the registration in any 9mobile office?

      Answer: No please, kindly visit for the list of enrolment centers or dial *200*8# and select option 3 or

      Question: I have more than one phone number, how do I link them?

      Answer: Kindly dial *200*8# using the phone number you wish to link, select option 1 to confirm if your NIN is linked to your number; option 2 to input your NIN to be linked to your number and option 3 to find nearest location for NIN enrollment or via URL

       Question: If I dial *346# on my line and I am not registered, will I be charged 20 naira?

      Answer: No please, the N20 charge is deducted upon the NIN displaying on your phone screen.

       Question: Please what is so special about this NIN number?

      Answer: The NIN is used to harmonize all records about an individual into the National Identity Database and is also used as a valid means of confirming or verifying individual identity


      Question: I have lost my NIN slip; how can I obtain another one?

      Answer: Sorry about the loss of your NIN slip, kindly visit any bank around you, pay a token of N500 through REMITA, provide your Remita Teller to any ERC near you and request for a NIN slip printout.

       Question: Will my line be blocked if my NIN is not captured?

      Answer: Yes. The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has directed all telecommunications operators to block all lines not linked with NIN Number by December 30th, 2020.

       Question: I was able to view my NIN number on my bank app, why is 9mobile charging me N20?

      Answer: This is a billable service as a confirmatory notification will be sent to you upon dialing the code *346#. The USSD code works for all networks.

       Question: How will I know if my SIM is already updated with my NIN?

      Answer: Kindly dial *200*8# and press 1, it will confirm the status of your NIN being linked to your number.

       Question: My SIM was registered with my voter card, and not national card. Am I going to be affected?

      Answer: Your NIN must be paired with your SIM details.

      You can register at any NIMC ECRs (Enrollment Centres) close to you. Kindly visit for the list of all enrollment centers nationwide or dial *200*8# select option 3 to get NIMC enrollment centers.

       Question: How do I get notified when my NIN is ready after enrolment?

      Answer: The NIMC office will communicate this to you after your enrollment.

       Question: Can I update my spouse NIN number?

      Answer: No, you cannot. Everybody is to enroll for their NIN individually. It is a personal Identity Number

       Question: Can you help me link my other 9mobile number?

      Answer: Kindly dial *200*8# using the phone number you wish to link, enter your NIN and submit or dial *200*8# select option 1 to confirm if the number has been linked or option 2 to link it or via

       Question: Can I link other networks using my 9mobile number?

      Answer: No, kindly visit the nearest experience centers of the networks to update your NIN or use their USSD as advertised.

       Question: I get an error when I dial *346# does it work on all networks

      Answer: Yes, the USSD code works for all networks. However, if you have registered for a NIN and you keep getting an error message, please contact service provider via their respective help line. If you are yet to register for NIN please visit any NIMC ECRs (Enrollment Centres) close to you to enroll or visit to get information on enrollment centers nationwide.

       Question: Will my bank account be blocked if my line is not linked to NIN?

      Answer:: No. Only phone numbers that are not registered with the National Identity Numbers (NIN) will be blocked.

       Question: How can my relatives abroad get NIN?

      Answer: Please click for details of diaspora enrollment

       Question: How can my relatives in diaspora link their NIN?

      Answer: Advise them to dial *200*8# to link their NIN automatically or via

       Question: Why can’t I link my NIN by dialing 200?

      Answer: Your safety is our priority and to avoid mistakes. Kindly dial *200*8# to update your NIN or via

       Question: How do corporate lines update their NIN?

      Answer: The account officer will update the NIN for corporate clients.

       Question: I have multiple lines; can I use one number and update all?

      Answer: No, you are required to update each number with your NIN as advised by NCC.

       Question: Will I be charged for dialing *200*8#?

      Answer: No, it is free.

       Question: As a port in customer, how do I link my NIN?

      Answer: Once your number is registered with 9mobile, you will be able to link the number with your NIN. Kindly dial *200*8# to confirm if it linked.

       Question: Do I need to visit the center with NIN card to link my number?

      Answer: Yes, this is to prove ownership of the number

       Question: Do I need the NIN number for SIM swap?

      Answer: Yes please, it is now a compulsory requirement for a SIM swap to be carried out.

       Question: Who is eligible to register/enroll for NIN?

      Answer: The enrolment is for every Nigerian and other Legal residents(Foreigners).

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